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Bodum 1548-01US Brazil 8-Cup (34-Ounce) Coffee Press

Since I built this entire web site myself, it's a pretty good guess that I love espresso. But I also really love French press coffee (sometimes called coffee press). I think the reason why I love my French press is because it makes really strong coffee that's almost espresso-esque.

If you love French press coffee too, then you should take a look at Bodum because there's no one in the world who makes better presses, and their prices are dirt cheap too. One of their most popular models is the Bodum 1548-01US Brazil 8-Cup (34-Ounce) Coffee Press. If you're looking for something a little more stylish - but not off the wall zany, then it's probably exactly what you want.

Let's Take A Look At It

Bodum 1548-01US Brazil 8-Cup 34-Ounce Coffee Press
The first thing you'll notice is that it's not all stainless steel and chrome like your classical Bodum press. The handle, top part and bottom are polypropylene (a sort of hard plastic) giving this a more modern look.

But don't worry, the plunger and filter are still stainless steel (not plastic) so you won't get any plastic taste in your coffee!

The carafe is made out of specially treated heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which is both incredibly light but also stronger then regular glass so that if you drop it like I do all the time, there's a good chance it won't break.

Though I should mention that getting a replacement if you do manage to break it is cheap and easy, as I know first hand having dropped my regular glass carafe several times over the years!

Safety Features

Another cool feature with this particular model that you don't see on the more traditional ones is a safety lid. It keeps your coffee from splashing out as you plunger it (push the plunger down to filter the coffee grounds from the water). I've never really had a problem with that personally, but it's nice to know it's there in case I got careless and sloppy.

How's The Size?

As the title suggests, this is an 8-cup coffee press (32 ounces) which is really the perfect size to make a couple of decent sized mugs of coffee. At less than $20 for the entire thing, it's a real steal at that size. (usually they get more expensive the bigger they get).

What Other People Are Saying

Without a doubt, people love this French press. At Amazon it has 156 reviews! That's an incredibly large number of reviews for something like this. Classical Bodum presses usually have around 30 or so.

112 people gave it a 5-star review and another thirty-seven gave it 4-stars. Five people gave it 3-stars, and two people gave it 2-stars. There were no 1-star reviews. That's a 4 an 1/2 out of 5-star average which is amazingly high.

This is usually the part of the review where I talk about some of the shortcomings that people discussed in their bad reviews. But this time, there's nothing to report!

What's The Bottom Line

Any Bodum press that you buy is going to work great. They make amazing coffee, they don't cost much, they last forever (unless you drop them like I do - but then they're even cheaper to get replacement carafe's for!), and they look great.

The only question you have to answer is one of style. Buy the one that looks coolest to you. If you want something a little more fashionable then the regular traditional Bodum press but don't want some hot orange zany thing that a teenager might pick, then the Bodum 1548-01US Brazil 8-Cup (34-Ounce) Coffee Press is probably exactly what're looking for. An at $19 bucks (while supplies last - regularly $27) you really can't go wrong!