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Bodum New Kenya 34-Ounce Coffee Press

Next to a good espresso machine, there's nothing more important to own than a good French coffee press, and Bodum make the best in the business at the most reasonable price. If you're looking for a French press with a little style, then take a look at the Bodum New Kenya Coffee Press line and you won't be disappointed.

If you're in the market for a particular style of coffee press, then chances are you already know about presses, so I won't go into any detail about the wonders of what a coffee press is (you can read about that if you want amongst the links at the bottom of the page).

So What's The Deal With The Bodum New Kenya?

Bodum Kenya Coffee PressLet's take a look at it! As you can see, it's a stylish alternative to a regular chrome coffee press. I call this middle style. It's a middle cool look between boring normal and outlandish neon pink or zany green.

If you're looking for something stylish yet elegant, then the New Kenya is probably exactly right for you. It comes only in black, and if you're looking for something more outlandish in color then look elsewhere.

What Size Options Are There?

With the Bodum New Kenya, you get the basic French press standard sizes. Specifically:

  • Bodum New Kenya 34-Ounce Coffee Press - $40 (on sale below $23)
  • Bodum New Kenya 12-Ounce Coffee Press - $27 (on sale below $15)
  • Bodum New Kenya 17-Ounce Coffee Press - $30 (on sale below $22)

I recommend the 34 ounce for almost any situation. It's only about 10 bucks more than the 12 ounce and almost the same price as the 17 ounce. I like 34 ounces for any French press as it seems to be the perfect size to make a couple of decent sized cups of coffee (which is all I usually want).

One thing to look at is the 17 ounce press. It's shorter than a regular press (about half as tall as you would expect). This makes it a short squat thing.

What Others Are Saying

This is Bodum, their quality is excellent and people absolutely love them, always. But I thought I'd relay a few reviews all the same. The 34 ounce Kenya had 52 reviews at Amazon, thirty-seven were 5-star, nine were 4-star, three were 3-star, one was 2-star, and two were 1-star.

That gives you a solid 4 and 1/2 out of 5 stars across the board which is about as good as it gets. People really love these presses, but really they're so simple in design that there's not much that could go wrong with them. They're just a glass beaker with a plunger after all!

So What's The Bottom Line?

The Bodum New Kenya Coffee Press is a really nice French press that will give you years of great coffee. The only question you have to ask yourself is "do you like the design?". If so, then buy one today, if not, then check out the regular Bodum Chrome press. Personally I really like this elegant and simple design. I'd grab one or two while they're on sale!