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Bodum Espresso Machines?

I hesitate to dedicate a section of this web site to Bodum because technically they don't make espresso machines, and that's primarily what we focus on here. However, they do make arguably the worlds best French Press machines, and while not exactly espresso, coffee made in a French Press is very strong and espresso-esque.

They also sell a line of coffee and espresso cups and mugs and things of that nature so I suppose it's ok to talk about them a little bit here today.

If you're looking for a French Press, I highly recommend this company. They have a ton of different models and options to choose from as well as a seemingly infinite variety of sizes. I own a Bodum French Press and I use it at least once or twice a week whenever I want a little something different.

What exactly is a french press?

Bodum French PressBasically it's a cylinder shaped glass carafe. You dump your coffee grounds into it, and pour boiling or near boiling water on top of the grounds and let it sit and brew for a few minutes. Then you insert the plunger and filter gadget onto the top of the cylinder and push down on the plunger, thus filtering the coffee.

The filter is made of metal mesh which allows more of the coffee bean's natural chemicals and oils to remain in the coffee, giving you a more full and rich flavor...not unlike espresso.

Bodum Offers Many Designs To Fit Your Personality

The picture above shows a sort of standard press with that sort of classic glass and metal design, but Bodum offers lots of different design options. Some of the more playful presses come in plastic with bright colors and funky designs for the cool kids.

These are great for dorm rooms where you might not have room for a full coffee machine or espresso maker...if your bathroom faucet shoots out hot enough water, or if you have a hot plate these are ideal.

Below we've got several articles that describe the different models of French Press that Bodum offers, as well as special deals and web only offers. Generally speaking these things aren't that expensive, especially if you compare them to a regular coffee machine or espresso machine. Generally they cost between $30 and $100 depending on the size you want.

Like I said, they also offer a line of really nice espresso cups and mugs. Bodum is known throughout the world for their stylish designs. Their stuff has been used in countless movies and television shows. In fact, several space aged futuristic television shows and movies have used them as examples of what cups might look like in the distant future!

When it comes to buying a french press, you have several options. But take it from me, you simply can't go wrong with Bodum. The price is right, the quality is top of the line, and they last forever. If you accidentally drop the glass carafe, you can order replacements quickly and easily (and inexpensively). If you don't already have a French Press, you're really missing out on one of life's simple pleasures.

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