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Bosch TCA4101UC Barino Pump Espresso Machine

Except for their Tassimo Brew Bot Machines, not a lot of people know about Bosch. Is there a reason for that? I'm not really sure. They don't offer a huge number of actual espresso machines, it's true. People often ask me about them so I thought that I'd draw up a quick review of their entry level machine, the Bosch Barino Pump Espresso Machine today.

The Price

Before we get into anything else, let's talk price. This espresso maker is regularly listed at $249 at most retail web sites. I've found it for only $183 (link below as long as supplies last). Being an entry level machine, that might seem a little pricey, even at the $183 level, and generally speaking, it is. You can find entry level machines in the $100-$150 range from most other companies.

The Machine

Bosch Barino Espresso Machine

So what are the details of this machine? Obviously (from the picture) you can see that it's a single shot, manual machine. Also it's relatively compact in size. Most single shot machines are small, but this seems incredibly small to me.

It's a pump powered machine, registering 15-bars with its Thermobloc system. It also has a steam function that allows you to make latte's and cappuccino's and mocha's and all those tasty drinks that you can't live without.

It also comes with a removable forty ounce water tank and drip tray. That's important. Many entry level models don't have that feature and cleaning them can be a real hassle. No problem here on that count.

What People Are Saying About It

I'm not going to beat around the bush. This is not a very well reviewed espresso maker. It has a total of 5 reviews at (one 5 star, one 4 star, one 2 star, and two 1 stars).

The people that complain and give it a low review seem to have had problems with the pump right out of the box, but were able to get it replaced from the company. If you purchase from the link below, the order is fulfilled through and you know they have a 100% return policy so you don't have to worry about that!

What's the bottom line?

For my money, $180 is a little pricey for this entry level Bosch Barino Pump Espresso Machine, especially when it doesn't have many good reviews. If you've held the thing in your hands and like the look and feel of it, then by all means go for it. If you're not 100% sold, then check out a Briel or maybe a Gaggia or DeLonghi (links on the right side of the screen) or even a pump powered Krups model. If you are sold, then click the link below to get the massive $183 discount price.

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