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Bosch - Traditional Espresso Machine Or New Coffee Center?

Choosing an espresso machine can be tricky, there are so many different brands to choose from and so many different models within each brand. Many people, especially people who are new to the world of home espresso, don't know where to start or what to buy.

What makes things even more complicated is that some traditional espresso maker companies have also begun selling single cup coffee/espresso centers. These new fangled machines will make you a single cup of coffee or espresso at the touch of a button and are usually run with coffee pods or capsules or discs instead of with traditional coffee beans.

Bosch is one of these companies that sells both regular espresso machines and new coffee centers. So if you're looking at a Bosch, it begs the question...

Which Should You Buy?
Traditional Espresso Machine or New Coffee Center?

I'm going to help you decide today.

First of all, when it comes to Bosch you have three basic choices. Two are traditional, one is a new coffee center. Those choices are:

  • Bosch Benvenuto B30 Automatic Espresso Machine: $1,455
  • Bosch TCA4101UC Barino Pump Espresso Machine: $185
  • Bosch Tassimo Brewbot Coffee System: $90-$190

As you can see, the prices fluctuate widely between the first one and the second two. That might help you decide right away! But more likely, function will help make the final decision.

Bosch Benvenuto B30 Automatic Espresso Machine

As you can probably see, this is an automatic espresso machine that comes with quite a price tag. All of these machines are reviewed in more detail below and throughout the site so you can read up on them more specifically.

Bosch TCA4101UC Barino Pump Espresso Machine

This is Bosch's basic espresso machine. If you're not looking to spend $1,500 on a huge automatic machine, then your choice will probably come down between this one and one of the Tassimo Brewbot options.

Bosch Tassimo Brewbot Coffee System

You've probably seen the commercials for these cool little coffee systems on tv. This is Bosch's coffee center option and they come in a range of prices depending on the options you want. You can read all about each one in the Tassimo section of my site (see like on the right side menu).

So which of these options is right for you? Well...only you can tell. Personally, I like traditional espresso machines so I'd go with the Barino Pump espresso maker if I was in the market for a Bosch. But a lot (and I mean a LOT) of people are starting to buy the coffee center machines because they're so easy to use and they don't take any time cleaning them up (just toss the used pod afterwards - no messy coffee grounds).

On the other hand, if you're looking for a super automatic machine, then the Benvenuto is your only real choice. In the end, it's completely up to you. Guess I wasn't too helpful with this article! Well, at least you know what your options are - and that's something!

Take a few minutes and read the reviews that I've written for each of these machines (links below in the related articles section) and they should really help point you in the right direction. And you can always email me too if you have any questions!