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Breville ESP6SXL Cafe Modena

The Breville ESP6SXL Cafe Modena is Breville's entry level espresso machine. It retails for around $250 but we often see it priced much less (see the $150 link at the bottom of the page while supplies last). Take my advice and don't buy this machine till you read this review!

Breville is a sort of middle of the line espresso maker, they offer a handful of low to mid-priced machines. The thing about this company is that they also manufacture lots of other products. I'm less trusting of companies who sell a broad range of products, and would rather stick with a company that only focuses on one thing (and does it incredibly well).

But if that sort of thing doesn't matter to you, read on.

So What Are The Details Of This Machine?

Breville ESP6SXL Cafe ModenaThe ESP6SXL is a pretty standard manual single shot espresso machine. You may notice that it's a little on the larger side for a single model, but looks sleek and stylish nonetheless.

It is pump powered and gives off 15 bars of pressure. It also comes standard with a thermoblock heating system. As with most other entry level machines, it comes with a steam wand so that you can easily make lattes and cappuccinos and other drinks like that.

One slightly interesting feature is it's stainless steel warming plate that will keep two cups warm at a time. I'm not really sure what the point of that is. Do you know? I drink a shot of espresso in one or two gulps...I don't need my cup to be warmed during that 30 second time frame. There isn't enough time for the espresso to remotely cool down! Or I make a shot and immediately pour it into my cappuccino drink..but whatever, just another bell and whistle I suppose.

What People Are Saying About This Machine

Here's the thing about Breville... Their more expensive models generally get pretty good reviews. Their cheaper models, including this one, get lousy reviews.

At Amazon, 10 people left reviews, six gave 1-star reviews, one person gave a 2-star review, and three people gave 5-star reviews. That's pretty terrible. The people that gave it poor reviews either had issues with the funky smell of the water tank, or had their pump burn out soon after they purchased.

Given this fact, and the fact that Breville only makes a few espresso machines anyway, I recommend that you stay away from the Breville ESP6SXL Cafe Modena. Even at $150 (see link below), you can find a better quality machine from Briel or Gaggia or DeLonghi or even a Krups (see links on the right side of the screen).