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Briel ES150PG-TB Space Saver Multi-Pro One Group Espresso Machine

I've been a big fan of Briel for over a decade. The very first machine I ever bought was one of their Lido models. I think I paid around a hundred dollars for it over 10 years ago and I still use it to this day. You can't usually find a Lido anymore, but you can get a Briel ES150PG-TB Space Saver Multi-Pro One Group Espresso Machine. Is it the machine for you? Let's take a look.

Let's Look At This Machine

Briel ES150PG-TB Space Saver Multi-Pro One Group Espresso Machine

This is a 15-bar pump-powered thermoblock espresso maker. That's pretty standard. It also has electronically regulated internal temperatures. Also pretty standard. What makes this machine different than the rest? A couple things...

One thing that sets this one apart from others in its price range is the fact that it has an E.S.E. pod converter. That means you can use either regular coffee beans or pods, whatever you prefer. Personally I can't really stand pods myself (not because pods are bad, but rather because I love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans!).

You really won't see that on many other machines in this price range (though as pods become more popular, we are starting to see more machines come out with this feature).

The other thing that sets this machine apart is it's looks. I think you can probably tell from the picture above that this isn't your ordinary looking machine! It's much smaller than a regular espresso maker. In fact, it measures in at just twelve and 1/5 x ten and 3/5 x 15 inches.

That's pretty least an inch or two (or more) skinnier than many major machines out there. In an age where bigger is almost always better, why would you want a smaller machine? I can think of a bunch of reasons!

Maybe you don't have a lot of counter space, or live in a tiny apartment or even a dorm room. Maybe you need a machine for work and the breakroom doesn't have much space, or you even want to squeeze it into your own cubicle! It's all possible with this little workhorse.

You'll also notice the design. This is a very shinny machine, decked out completely in a stainless steel exterior. And those cross bars on top give it an industrial feel that's very cool.

Even the drip tray is small. Come to think of it, the steam wand frother is pretty tiny too. Oh yeah, by the way, it has a steam wand *L* so you can definitely make your favorite cappuccino, latte, or mocha drinks quickly and easily.

Is This Machine For You

Let's face it, this is a different machine. If space is an issue, then it's probably the perfect machine for you. The only other machine you're going to find at this size on the market today is probably going to be a cheap sub $100 plastic thing that's steam powered and not a true pump-powered espresso machine. If you're looking for a higher quality machine but in a more compact design...this is it.

If, on the other hand, you don't need to save space in your kitchen, then this probably isn't the machine for you. For the same money you can easily find a more regular sized espresso maker, and why buy small if you don't have to?

So What's The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is this: if you're looking for a compact machine, then the Briel ES150PG-TB Space Saver Multi-Pro One Group Espresso Machine is probably exactly what you're looking for. If you aren't looking for a compact model, then spend your money on something else. But if you do buy this little guy, I have every confidence that you'll enjoy it for many years to come.