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Briel Espresso Machines

Briel Espresso Machines are some of my favorite machines on the market today. In fact, I use a Briel Lido every single day for my personal use. It's perfect for making one quick and easy shot of espresso with no fuss and no huge cleanup. It's been my favorite machine for over 10 years. And the kicker is...I only paid around a hundred dollars for it!

Sure there are many other espresso maker companies out there that offer amazing high-end machines that do everything under the sun...and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars! But if you're looking for a quality compact machine that will get the job done without a lot of useless bells and whistles, then Briel may just be the company for you.

The Company:

Founded in 1978, Briel is a Portuguese company with a strong passion for espresso. It didn't start making its first coffee machine till around 1982, but when it finally did introduce its first model (an all plastic model) it became a smash hit right away.

Unlike many companies that churn out coffee machines, Briel focuses solely on espresso machines. They don't make toasters, or microwave ovens, or tires - just quality espresso makers. That's something that means a lot to me, and it should mean a lot to you to!

Company Web Site:
Address: Briel - Industria de Electrodomesticos, S.A.
Rua Sidonio Pais, 390
Nogueira da Maia
Maia Portugal
Ph: + 351 22 961 9430

The Briel espresso machines are broken down into categories, called "Series" and include the:

  • Classic Series - ES14, ES14B, ES33, ES33GR, ES35GE, and ES51 SEG101
  • Selection Series - ES62A, ED132A, SEG162A, ES71A, ES73, ES74, and ES75A
  • Steel Series - ES161A, ES204, ES224, EG284, and ED274
  • Vending Series - SM31, SM150, and SM200
  • Grinders Series - CG3, CG5, and CG6

These are the most current models that you will find. They are all traditional pump machines (none of that cheapo steam powered junk that some companies try to pawn off on it's unsuspecting customers!), and they range in prices from anywhere between $150 up to $600 ish depending on the model.

Their most popular model seems to be the Briel ES35AF Chamonix Pump Espresso Machine With Auto Espresso Flow which will run you around $200. How popular? Well at there are 150 reviews, with the average review being around 3 1/2 stars out of 5. It is known among past customers as a machine that will stand up for a very long time, and I can attest to that myself since my own Lido machine has been going strong for almost 10 years of daily use without a single problem.

Every company has a feel of its own. Some companies focus on high end automatic machines that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Briel has those, but the company seems to focus more on single shot espresso machines at the lower end. Now granted, their "lower end" is the HIGH end of the lower end prices at other companies.

For instance, at another company their low end model might cost $89-$159. Briel's low end models can range from $150-$300. See what I mean? They are "low end" but its the high end of the low end. Make sense?

That's not to say that this is a low end company, they aren't!

What I'm trying to say is this; if you enjoy good quality espresso and don't want to spend $500 to $3,000 on a huge super automatic machine and just want something simple that will make great espresso, Briel should be your first choice.

You'll spend a little more on their single shot machines than you will at other companies, but that extra money will be well worth it because your machine will make better espresso and will last longer. That's what you get in a Briel espresso machine. At least, that's how I see it. Check out the links below for reviews on specific models, as well as special deals and sale prices.

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