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Capresso Espresso Machines

Capresso is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to high end espresso machines. They sell a broad range of them at every end of the price spectrum, but they're really best known for their high priced, high-end semi-automatic and super-automatic models, which are pretty pricey.

But if you really love espresso and only the best will do...and as long as price is no object, then Capresso is definitely the company for you.

About The Company

Capresso, or Jura-Capresso (or just Jura) as it is also known as has been around for a pretty long time; since 1931 to be exact. That's when Jura AG was first started in Switzerland. Capresso itself was formed only recently, in 1994 in America to produce and market espresso and coffee machines around the world. The two companies combined into a joint venture and have been running strong ever since.

81 Ruckman Road
Closter, NJ 07624-0775
Phone 1-201-767-3999

Many people, probably myself included, would argue that Capresso machines are some of the very best, top of the line espresso makers on the market today. It's hard to suggest who their nearest competitor even is.

Their machines consist of the following main lines:

  • Capresso Ultima Espresso Machines - (hard to find)
  • 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine - $60
  • Capresso Cafe - $169
  • Capresso Ena Espresso Center $500 - $2,000
  • Capresso Impressa Automatic Espresso Center $700 - $5,000

In addition, they also sell a popular line of coffee machines as well as a number of burr grinders which are a little on the expensive side but still may be worth your time if you've got money to burn.

I like to talk about the feel of a company. Like most espresso makers, Capresso sells a wide range of different priced models; as you can see from the list above. Sure, they sell a $60 machine, but I would seriously stay away from it unless you are really strapped for cash.

Capresso feels like a high-end company. They do their best work with machines that cost hundreds, and more likely, thousands of dollars and if you want a Capresso machine you should be willing and ready to part with some serious cash.

You don't buy a Jura machine if you're looking for something that will whip up a quick shot of espresso. You buy them when you want a huge honking machine that takes up half your counter top and will spit out several shots of espresso at a time, grind the espresso beans for you, discard the grounds afterwords, and then clean itself up afterwords (no - I'm not exaggerating).

That's what you get in a super automatic espresso machine and there is no other company that does it better than Jura Capresso. Granted, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars, but if you've got the money burning a hole in your pocket and don't have to worry about saving for your children's college education, then Jura is probably just right for you.

Even if you've got money to spare, don't waste it without looking around first. With a little research you can find drastic discounts on most of their models...I'm talking hundreds of dollars. We often list special deals and discounts on this web site, check the links below for specific models. If it's on sale, we'll tell you on each specific model's page.

Capresso espresso machines are certainly not for everyone. But they are some of the finest machines available on the market today, and if money is no object, then you won't be disappointed. Stay away from the cheaper models and focus on the super expensive ones and you can't hardly go wrong.

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