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Cuisinart Espresso Machines

Cuisinart is a sort of ubiquitous small kitchen appliance maker that you can find in just about any super store or department store across the country. They also happen to make a line of espresso machines and also coffee machines. As a matter of fact, I've used a Cuisinart coffee machine personally every day for the last few years (I even bought my mother one!).

But in the world of high-end espresso makers, does Cuisinart stand up? Should you buy an espresso machine from a company that primarily sells toaster ovens and food processors? The answer may surprise you!

The Company:

Cuisinart was started in the early 1970's, which doesn't make them that old of a company. Well, come to think of it, maybe 40 years is pretty old when you get right down to it. What I guess I really mean is they haven't been making espresso machines in the hills of Italy since 1806 (if you know what I mean!).

The company actually went bankrupt in 1989 but the brand was bought out by Conair and has been going full steam ahead ever since. The Conair corporation was founded in 1959 and sells mostly small appliances, and health and beauty products.

If all this doesn't instil a great sense of urgency to run out and buy one of their espresso machines, you're not alone. But let's not be hasty. It's true, most espresso drinkers tend to be a bit snobbish and I'm no exception, but there may still be some value to uncover here.

Their Espresso Machines

So what exactly do they offer? Well - basically their main line consists of:

  • Em-100 Espresso Machine - $149
  • EM-200 Espresso Machine - $199
  • CBM-18 Coffee Bar Collection - Coffee Machines
  • Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill - $50

The first two are espresso makers, the 3rd is a line of coffee machines that I threw in just for fun and the last one is a coffee bean grinder (hey, we all need coffee bean grinders don't we?).

But let's get back to the espresso machines. Both of those machines are pump powered - so no worries there. And they both look pretty nice in a sleek metal sort of way. Bear in mind that these are very basic models. They're single shot machines without a whole lot of bells and whistles, but they're still pretty good for the price!

They're also both pretty popular with the customers; gaining 128 reviews (mostly positive) and 78 reviews (again mostly positive) respectively from The few negative reviews tend to focus on defects that appeared right out of the package (for instance, a busted pump) and of course you would just send the machine back and get a replacement if you were unlucky enough to find yourself in a similar situation - no biggie.

So what are we looking at here? Well these are low end machines - definitely. But that doesn't necessarily mean bad. In fact, for the price and what you would want them for, these are very nice little machines. If I only had a couple hundred bucks to spare and I needed a simple machine to brew the occasional shot of espresso or single cappuccino, these machines would work just fine.

If you drink a lot of espresso, or have several members of your family who drink lots of espresso (hence the need to brew many shots at once) then you might want to look into a fancier more expensive automatic model. But for a single person or two with moderate use, these machines could be just what you're looking for.

And we've usually got them on sale right here, just check the links below for the specific model you're interested in to find more info and get today's sales price.

The problem with lower cost machines from fancy espresso maker companies is that they are usually made cheaply and tend to break down easily. And since the company is usually exotic, it's much harder to get the thing fixed. You won't have that problem with Cuisinart. Their machines are made quite well to begin with, and if it does break for any reason you know you can get it taken care of with a quick phone call to the Cuisinart support people.

Cuisinart may not be a brand you immediately think of when you think about fancy espresso machines but don't sell them short. For the price, I highly recommend you look into them. They just may be the perfect machine for the budget minded espresso drinker.

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