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DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker

DeLonghi has long been a respected member of the espresso maker universe. Today I think I might have uncovered the ultimate starter espresso machine in the DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker! If you're looking to buy your first machine, then this is probably exactly what you're looking for.

I'll be honest with you, when I heard the price of this machine - the first thing I thought was "It must be a steam powered machine and not a pump powered machine". Most of your sub $100 "espresso machines" are actually just fancy coffee makers that are powered by steam instead of pumps and marketed to unsuspecting novices. Not this one though! I couldn't believe it!

Let's Look At The Machine Itself

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso MakerThis is a 15-bar pump driven machine that has a stainless steel boiler, churns out 1,000 watts, and has 2 thermostats so that you can control both the water pressure as well as the steam pressure for the frother wand.

It's self-priming (so a true semi-automatic), you just need to fill it with espresso grounds and water, and press the button to turn it on, then press it again to turn it off when the shot has finished pouring.

Speaking of coffee grounds, I almost fell out of my seat when I learned that the EC155 also has an E.S.P. pod converter so that you can use your favorite pods instead of espresso beans if you want. This is a huge feature that we just don't see very often except on more expensive models.

The water tank holds just under four and a half cups, making it a pretty decent sized tank. You won't have to worry about constantly refilling it between shots! The tank also comes out so that you can fill it and clean it easily.

Finally, it comes with a swivel jet frother wand so that you can make all your favorite cappuccino, latte, and mocha drinks quickly and easily.

And also, this is a nice looking machine. For the price, they really didn't scrimp on the design. It has a very sophisticated look to it with a stainless steel face plate surrounded by jet black. Very nice.

What Other People Are Saying

Probably not surprisingly, this machine has a TON of reviews at Amazon - 497 to be exact. Fully 265 gave it 5-stars and another 136 gave it 4-stars! Then you have thirty-one 3-star, twenty-five 2-star, and forty 1-star reviews. That comes to a solid 4 out of 5 star average.

It's really hard to imagine what people could possibly complain about with this machine. For the price you simply can't go wrong! This is a very well reviewed machine. At this price I expected to hear people complaining about it breaking down - and that complaint just isn't there.

What's The Final Word

When it comes right down to it, I'd be incredibly skeptical about this machine if it wasn't produced by such a stand-up company as DeLonghi. I have no idea how they made such a nice machine at such an incredibly low price.

If you're looking for that first espresso machine, or even if you're looking to replace an old model that's seen better days, you can't go wrong with the DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker. It retails for $149, but I found it on sale while supplies last for just $79.99 at the link below. I suggest you buy 2 or 3, one for your home, one for your office, and one for a reserve!