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Espresso Accessories and Replacement Parts

There aren't many things worse in the world than spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on that perfect espresso machine only to have one of its accessories break. The problem is...finding specific espresso accessories can be difficult, especially if your espresso machine is more expensive or exotic.

That's why I wrote this quick and handy little guide for you today. Before we get into it I just want to point out that if you already know your espresso makers specific model or brand, you can click on it's link on the menu at the right side of the screen to search for specific parts.

In this guide I'm going to talk about some of the specific pieces that can break down on your espresso machine and what to do if you have trouble finding replacement parts.

First of all, just so we're on the same page... what are some of the common accessories?

  • milk frothers
  • tampers
  • milk warmers
  • filters
  • pots
  • drip trays
  • espresso cups
  • french press carafe's
  • grinders
  • cleaning tablets
  • pitchers
  • utensils
  • etc

The problem is, a tamper for one machine probably won't work in another maker and the cleaning tablets for one machine probably aren't designed to work in another, etc. Especially if you bought your machine several years ago, tracking down replacement parts can be a pain - so what should you do?

Step One:

If you bought your machine online, return to the website that you bought it from. Many websites will have a section on different supplies and utensils as well as backup parts that you can order.

Step Two:

If that doesn't work out for you, try going to the website of the manufacturer. Many times they have a catalog that you can download and print out if they don't allow you to order directly from their website.

Step Three:

If you strike out a boat of these places your best bet is to search online for used parts or a previously owned but not used accessory. The best place to look for things like that are websites such as eBay or even the used section of Amazon. I can't tell you how many times I've been bailed out by finding a strange filter that's out of production on eBay.

Step Four:

Also feel free to look around our website because we have many parts catalogs that you can download to order a specific piece for a specific brand, just look for that brand name on the menu at the right hand side of the screen or if you're feeling particularly brave, try running a search at the top of the page. You can also browse the related articles below.

In conclusion...

The more complex and expensive your espresso machine is, the more likely you'll need to replace parts and Espresso Accessories as time goes on and the more difficult it will be to find specific pieces. But as long as your espresso maker is still relatively new (within a couple years old) you shouldn't have any trouble tracking down exactly what you need.

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