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Jura-Capresso Espresso Machines

Some people get a little confused when they see the Jura Capresso brand and also the Capresso brand. Are they different? Today I'm going to set the record straight and clear up this mystery once and for all.

So here's the deal.

Jura is a very old company (it's actually formally called Jura AG and it's located in Switzerland). It was founded in 1931 to produce a broad range of home appliance type products (including coffee and espresso makers). They generally built the products themselves at the beginning but over time started to farm that actual factory manufacturing work out to other companies.

Over time their espresso machines became fairly popular and their other products sort of slipped away until today they mostly only produce espresso machines. These days a company called Eugster/Frismag actually manufactures the machines and they also churn out espresso machines for other coffee companies as well.

So far so good.

Then along came a guy by the name of Michael Kramm. He was an executive for the Krups coffee company who was supposed to come over to America and set up Krups US division. After doing that for a while, Mike decided to branch out on his own and start his own coffee company. Legend has it that his wife came up with the name Capresso by squishing together the words Cappuccino and Espresso (Portmanteau's are fun!!).

Anyway Capresso then entered into a joint venture agreement with Jura to distribute and market Jura high end espresso machines (especially super automatic espresso machines) in the United States.


You shouldn't be! Basically just think of the two as the same thing and you'll be fine. The jura-capresso and capresso web site both redirect to the same site so everything should make sense. People generally use the two names interchangeably.

For our purposes on this web site (mostly because it's my site and I can do whatever I want!), I'm going to refer to the super-automatic machines (those big honking $1-$3,000 beasts) as Jura-Capresso machines and the other more basic single shot espresso makers and coffee machines as Capresso machine.

So if you're looking for information and deals on a super automatic espresso maker, check this Jura-Capresso section of the site (and the subsequent links below). If you're looking for a single shot espresso box or a coffee machine, check the Capresso section of the site.

I've already gone into a great amount of detail about the two companies elsewhere on the site so I'm not going to talk about that any more (you can check the Capresso link on the right hand menu on any page of the site for that good stuff). What I am going to do is talk for just a minute or two about these guys in general.

Some companies focus on the cheaper end of the espresso machine spectrum, some focus on the more expensive end. Jura-Capresso DEFINITELY focuses more on the expensive end. Sure they sell cheaper models, but at that price range their cheaper models aren't great. Don't get me wrong, they'll do ok...but you can probably find a better deal with another brand.

If, on the other hand, you're looking to spend some serious moolah (like a thousand dollars or more) then Jura-Capresso is probably exactly what you're looking for. Their super-automatic and even semi-automatic machines are some of the very best in the industry. They may cost an arm and a leg, but they're well worth it if you've got the cash.

Check out the links below for specific product reviews for each model they offer, as well as special deals. Since they are so expensive, it's easier for us to be able to find deals and special offers that can save you some serious money so check carefully. Jura-Capresso is certainly not for everyone; but if you've got the money, and only the best will do, then you can't hardly go wrong.

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