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Krups XP1020 750-Watt Steam Espresso Machine

Normally I don't like to talk about super cheap steam-powered espresso makers because a machine that's steam powered (instead of pump-powered) is not technically an espresso machine. But people keep asking so here goes. Today I'll talk about the Krups XP1020 750-Watt Steam Espresso Machine and we'll try to figure out if this little guy is right for you.

I just want to emphasize this one more time because I feel so strongly about it. A steam-powered machine is not an espresso machine. Espresso is espresso because of the reaction that occurs when water is forced through coffee grounds at extremely high pressure. Steam can't create that much pressure.

So what you get is coffee that's stronger than regular coffee (because the steam power does try pretty hard to emulate pumps) but still coffee nonetheless. It's not espresso. It doesn't taste like espresso, it won't make cappuccinos as good as with espresso. But, it's better than nothing and if it's all your budget can swing then you should go for it!

Let's Look At This Machine

Krups XP1020 750-Watt Steam Espresso MachineLike I said, it's steam powered and runs off of 750 watts of juice. A good espresso machine will run on nearly double that. Just FYI.

It'll brew up to 4 cups of "espresso" at a time (and here, by espresso I mean strong coffee not real espresso). It has a metal porta filter, removable drip tray, both single and double shot filter baskets, and a glass carafe that has a nice stay-cool handle so you won't burn yourself.

One redeeming feature is the steam frother wand that let's you froth milk for cappuccinos etc. If you're looking for a cheap frother, you might buy this machine just for that feature!

Finally, as you can probably tell from the picture, this is a small compact machine. I like the design, at least it looks nice! And it won't take up much space in your kitchen which is an added bonus.

What Are People Saying About It?

The good news is that it has a lot of reviews at Amazon. The bed news is that the reviews are mostly bad. It has sixty-three reviews. Only ten of them are 5-star, and another nine are 4-star. Then it has four 3-star, four 2-star, and a whopping thirty-six 1-star reviews.

That's an average of about 2 and a half out of 5 stars. That tells me that you want to stay far away from this machine (as if the tone of this review up till now encouraged you to buy it!). If you're looking for an ultra cheap steam powered machine, there are others that cost about the same and are much better reviewed.

What's The Bottom Line

The fact that it's a steam powered machine already sets the deck against it, in my opinion. But there are steam powered machines out there that aren't too bad for what they're supposed to do. This isn't one of those machines. If you need a cheap steam powered, check out the Capresso 303 review (see Capresso Link on right hand menu) and stay away from the Krups XP1020 750-Watt Steam Espresso Machine. You'll be very glad you did.