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Krups XP5220 Precise Tamp Pump Espresso Machine

Krups offers many very inexpensive espresso machines (say under $100 or even under $50) but many of those cheaper models are steam powered and not pump powered - and therefore not technically espresso machines. At around $172, the KRUPS XP5220 Precise Tamp Pump Espresso Machine is sort of the Krups entry model into true espresso makers.

People often associate this company with cheap espresso makers because the stores are seemingly flooded with them. You can almost always walk into a Walmart or Target and see a $20 or $40 Krups machine with the label "espresso machine" on the package. Is $172 too much to pay for their entry model?

Let's Look At This Machine

Krups XP5220 Espresso Machine
This pump powered maker has 15 bars of pressure which is pretty standard. It also comes with a 1,400 watt thermoblock heating unit which is much more juice than you'd see elsewhere (the norm is 1,200 or ever 1,050).

It also comes with a Universal filter holder. That means that you can use regular coffee grounds like any other machine, but also E.S.E. pods as well. That's a pretty nice feature to have, and not many others in this price range can boast the same.

Finally, it comes with a removable water tank for easy cleaning and a frother wand so that you can make all your favorite mocha drinks or lattes or cappuccinos. It wouldn't be much without that!

My Initial Thoughts

The first thing I think of when I see the XP5220 is the look of it. This is a handsome looking machine. It is compact and stylish with its brushed metal and black exterior. It has a sort of box-like shape but still appears sleek somehow. I really like the look of it.

Plus, it's nicely sized. It's not too big and not too small. Some of these lower end models try to bulk up so that they appear more like a superautomatic espresso center but the XP5220 doesn't do that. It's just right in size.

Of course, looks aren't fact, looks aren't really anything. What I want to know is whether or not this machine will stand the test of time and produce quality espresso that I can count on. The jury's still out on that though...

What Others Are Saying About The XP5220

The reviews aren't good. For one thing, there's not a whole lot of reviews to go on; only 11 at Amazon. Of those 11, only three of them are 5-star, two are 4-star, one 3-star, two 2-star, and three 1-star. That's an average of 3 out of 5 which isn't great.

The main complaint people have is that the steam wand is cheap and breaks easily. If you drink straight espresso, this isn't any big deal because you won't use it anyway. But if you rely on it for cappuccinos and lattes, this could be a deal breaker.

What's The Bottom Line

For me, the problems with the steam wand makes me seriously consider finding a different machine. If it was a cheaper model, I'd say it was worth the risk; but at $180 you shouldn't have to worry about the steam wand. There are other, frankly cheaper models out there like the Cuisinart EM-100 (see our Cuisinart section on the menu to the right of any page) that costs around $120 and is very popular.

So in the end, unless you've really got your heart set on the KRUPS XP5220 Precise Tamp Pump Espresso Machine, I suggest you keep looking. There's so many different options when it comes to entry level manual single shot espresso makers that you don't want to spend money on an iffy product.