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Lavazza Espresso Machines

Lavazza may be most well known for its coffee and espresso beans, but what most people don't realize is that they also make a couple of very distinctive looking espresso machines.

Granted, they may not be what you would consider "regular" espresso makers since they use special capsules instead of coffee grounds, but if you're looking for an interesting variation on the norm, then Lavazza espresso makers might be right up your alley.

The Company:

Lavazza is a very well known Italian coffee maker. The company brags that over 75% of all Italians drink their coffee. That comes out to about sixteen million families annually. If true, that makes this a very impressive company!

It was founded in Turin Italy somewhere around 1895 and is still run by descendents of the founder today. They import coffee from many different parts of the world including North, South, And Central America - as well as Africa and Asia. Personally I've never used their beans to make espresso, but I hear very good things and recommend you give them a try.

Lavazza Espresso Machines

The company also sells two models of espresso machines, namely the:

  • Lavazza Espresso Point Machine - $700
  • Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso Machine - $900

Both of these machines run on the Lavazza capsule system, meaning you don't use regular coffee beans; but instead use their own special little capsules. People suggest that this is nice because you don't have to worry about the hassle and mess of grinding beans or worry about cleaning up afterwords.

But to me, grinding the beans and smelling that fresh aroma is a big part of the whole experience, but I can understand why some people would rather not deal with it.

I've heard good things about each of these machines, and you can read our comprehensive reviews of each of them in the links below (and check out special deals as well).

The Skinny

Are these good espresso machines? Yes. But at the end of the day you have to ask yourself this question: do you really want to buy an espresso maker from a company that focuses on something else, or a company that only sells 2 models?

Companies do this, they look for synergies. Sell great coffee? Cool! Why not crank out a couple of machines to compliment the product line!

And generally speaking, that's fine....but you're never going to get a machine that's quite as good as a company who only focuses on machines. You want a company who's passionate about innovating new technology, not a company that releases a couple models as an afterthought.

And for the price ($700-$900) you can really get a nice machine from a high-end company like Jura-Capresso or Gaggia or even why not?

Will you be ok with a Lavazza Espresso Machine? Almost definitely. I've never heard a single complaint from a single past customer. And if you like the look and style of these machines and want the convenience of the capsule technology, then by all means take the plunge. But for my money, I'd look elsewhere. But I would definitely try Lavazza's coffee!

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